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BREAKING NEWS: We're suing the Biden administration

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 @ 11:27 AM BREAKING NEWS: We're suing the Biden administration
This unconstitutional vendetta against religious Americans MUST BE STOPPED NOW

Here's an update in AFA's ongoing fight against the radical LGBTQ agenda in America.

Thanks to your support, we are officially SUING the Biden administration for reviving a discriminatory FCC policy that unlawfully targets people of faith.

It’s an outrageous, unconstitutional policy mandate that empowers woke radicals in the Biden administration’s FCC to:

  1. FORCE religious media organizations to disclose the “equity and diversity” of their employees.
  2. PUBLICIZE these hiring reports instead of keeping them confidential, opening religious organizations to the violent threats and harassment of the woke mob and the censorship of ultraliberal big tech platforms.

These tactics are nothing new. The Biden administration has established an alarming track record of using the government to punish people of faith:

  • Celebrating “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday
  • Adding gender identity as a protected class under Title IX
  • Weaponizing the IRS to target faith-based organizations
  • Weaponizing the FBI to attack pro-family organizations
  • Weaponizing the DOJ to label homeschool moms “domestic terrorists”

If we don’t take a stand, they will keep coming and they will get more extreme.

That’s why AFA partnered with NRB to file this lawsuit—because it’s time to push back against the Biden administration’s agenda.

But we can’t win this fight without your support.

Going up against the unlimited resources of the federal government is no easy task. But it’s certainly not insurmountable.

Why am we confident we can win this fight?

  1. First, we serve an Almighty God who leads us into this battle. Our God gave David the victory over Goliath, Gideon and 300 men the victory over the whole Midianite army, and Daniel victory over the lion’s den—and he will surely give us favor in this fight as well.
  2. Second, we have defeated the Biden administration before. Our lawsuit during the COVID pandemic successfully forced the Biden administration to suspend enforcement of their tyrannical vaccine mandates for U.S. businesses.

So take heart. You have helped us preserve family values in America for the past half century, and your support in this critical moment will help us keep protecting families against these brazen new LGBTQ attacks.

Join us with your gift today, and let’s STOP this blatant attack on people of faith by the Biden administration.

This puts our own American Family Radio (AFR) network at risk, along with our partners in this lawsuit, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) organization—and other faith-based broadcasters.

This unconstitutional vendetta against religious Americans MUST BE STOPPED NOW.

And we urgently need the support of faithful patriots like you to help us push back against the Biden administration in court over this deeply offensive policy.


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